For the past 25 years , we are into data processing handling major projects and delighting our clients with our high-quality , time-bound and cost-effective services . Some of our major projects are as follows :

Yellow pages and White pages Directory Keying

DPH India has extensive experience in providing directory publishers with yellow pages keying services for any yellow pages directory (US, CANADA, UK, AUSTRALIA). Typical Information capture includes headings, advertisers name, addresses, phone numbers, UDAC codes, UDAC Rates, URLs, Email Addresses, page numbers, directory code, and much more as per client needs. We can provide output in various formats commonly used in the Yellow pages publishing industry along with any client specific formats. Various technologies combined with human resources deployed in the production yield high accuracy at competitive costs.

Automation of National Polio Surveillance Project, client : World Health Organization

This application was developed by us specifically for WHO , the United Nations specialized agency for health.This is an ongoing project in which we are required to do indexing of polio forms. The benefit of this project is that the Ministry of Health is able to access, search and retrieve documents much more efficiently.

Digitization of Minutes, Client : Parliament of India

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Automation Of Passport Application Forms, Client : National Informatics Center Services Incorporation

In this Image Digitization project we were required to digitize Passport Applications Forms and then link them to their respective databases. We designed and developed a system to scan passport application forms with their supporting documents and then capture relevant information. Finally databases were created which were linked with their respective scanned application forms.

Creation of Image retrievable database of Consular Documents, Ministry of External Affairs

Ministry of External Affairs with its Headquarter at New Delhi, functions abroad through its Missions/Posts (Embassy, High Commission, Consulate) abroad across the globe. We started the work in year 2012 and are continuing the same till date. Our work involves creating image retrievable database of the consular documents by carrying out scanning, digitizing and indexing at the selected Indian Missions/Posts in different geographical regions. The documents are of varying size from A2 to A4 with some being quite old. We primarily cater to Visa, PIO, OCI and Passport Applications along with Renunciation & other miscellaneous services documents. This Digitization process provides a platform to integrate records in digital form with the centralized server thus ensuring seamless integration of the information with the existing workflow. The prime advantage is easy & fast retrieval of any application across the globe based on varied parameters in fraction of time .The potential reduction in physical storage space, saving money and freeing up of office space is another basic advantage the missions abroad have had with this exercise. The magnitude of the job with over 110 million passport applications and 200 million Visa applications till date, the varied working conditions, occasional non-conducive environment, geographically separate locations not only posed challenges however helped us create a niche for our work on the global platform. We have been successfully carrying out the process for past two years & continue to strive for better than the best progression to make this job a huge success.

Census of India

Census of India is a huge exercise considering the geographical spread and multiple languages including Urdu. These result in generation of around 500 million A2 size forms of 3 types. All forms are handwritten and need to be scanned, ICR'd and tabulated. DPH and HCL jointly bid for the huge data processing contract successfully. Phase I and Phase II has been completed. We worked round the clock involving a team of appx 2000 people & Challenges involved hi-tech operations in remote locations - warehouses under adverse conditions. Operations in datacenters spread in major state capitals of India. Multilingual / multicultural work force managed centrally ensuring high quality record room management, high quality scanning (ICR quality) and accurate ICR operations throughout the centers

Passport Offices of India, Ministry of External Affairs

We started this project in 1999 making it by far the biggest project of its kind in India essentially in terms of magnitude as it required digitizing a backlog of passport applications at various passport offices across the country. We digitized appx 700 million pages. The documents involved were of different sizes in a very bad state which required utmost care while scanning. The project included reorganizing & scanning the backlog of the files. We also developed image retrieval software which is being used by the MEA. Some of the passport offices with high volumes as mentioned below:

  • Hyderabad- Scanning appx 6,55,44,643 Pages
  • Ahmedabad- Scanning appx 6,50,00,709 Pages
  • Trichi- Scanning appx 6,39,61,321 Pages
  • Bangalore- Scanning appx. 5,22,63,963 Pages
  • Chandigarh- Scanning appx. 5,09,44,227 Pages
  • Calcutta- Scanning appx. 4,11,72,116 Pages
  • Cochin- Scanning appx. 4,88,47,900 Pages.
  • High Courts & Companies Registry of Kenya

    DPH made its presence in the African Continent when it was awarded the tender for digitization of records at the Companies Registry, a project funded by the World Bank. The project was to digitize 25 million records in 90 days which we did ahead of time. It was the biggest project of its kind to be undertaken in Kenya till then. We successfully digitized old files some of which were as old as 100 years. The task required us to scan all the documents in the file and restore them to their original state after scanning for which a dedicated workforce of 250 persons was deployed round the clock.

    We also provided customized image retrieval software to the client which is currently in use enabling them to search a file within seconds. The project was such a success that it made news in both print and electronic media throughout the country. The success of Companies Registry project resulted in DPH being awarded another project in Kenya for Digitization of records at the High Courts of Kenya. The project required digitization of Case Files at the Nairobi High Court and 5 other High Courts in Kenya. We successfully digitized 70 million pages approx with their meta-data creation in a span of about 8 months.

    Digitizing the Birth and Death records of Kenya

    DPH further made its presence felt in Kenya with the current project of digitization of birth and death records in across 109 cities of the country with appx 1600 personnel. involved.

    Naval & Military Press Limited, United Kingdom

    DPH has long association with the Naval & Military press limited working on the backend process primarily involving digitization of specialized history books related to the military history, war medals, regimental histories etc. This was essentially a time bound project where we had to manage 75 million records in a time frame of 8 months involving appx 34500 man days. involved.

    Dun & Bradstreet (US)

    Automation of Financial Statements was done through an image digitization project where we received data in the form of Image/HTML files, either from their FTP or HTTP site respectively. We also worked on Microfiche Data Processing which involved assigning Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), which is a notification system of a transaction between a secured party and Debtor. The secured collateral has to be entered on a UCC form. The rules and the UCC formats are different for different USA states involved.

    Ministry of External Affairs

    Scanning, Indexing & Developing Software for retrieval of documents stored in files at the Archives & Record Management Section Work with a volume of 20 million pages involved.

    NICSI Regional Passport offices

    Reorganizing and Scanning of Index cards all over India and handled output volume of approximately 30 Million.

    With clientele of such high repute we are dedicated to provide the most efficient services intended for customer satisfaction. We look forward to not only develop Business relations but also to develop a bond of trust & credibility for mutual growth.