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Products Overview

Products Overview

Physical files are every where. We have worked out a way of organizing them without disturbing the existing operations in a significant way. This is a result of our experience of streamlining the government document management systems which have stringent requirements related to confidentiality, safety, accessibility and integrity.

The system has the following components each of which is fully customizable to the client needs:-

    1. Easy File Management
    2. Scanning & Indexing Services
    3. Easy Search
    4. Easy Loader

Whatever be the size of your organization and the number of documents that you need to manage efficiently we have a simple solution the Easy range of products and services with no frills. If it sounds like what you need get in touch with us immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes no documents leave your premises anytime, processing on secure servers.

Onsite, offsite, low cost locations.

Contact us and we will should be able to meet your time frame and budget.

Contact us and we will set up a call.

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